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Welcome to Athens

The word of invitation


Dear colleagues, Dear EBLIDA members, Dear Friends

It is my pleasure to welcome you all in Athens, for the 22nd EBLIDA-NAPLE Annual Conference.

By the title “Libraries in Transition. Changes? Crisis? Chances!”, EBLIDA, NAPLE and EEBEP, we want to state that hope is still here for libraries and librarians in the 21st Century.

In times where economic crisis coexists with a political crisis throughout Europe, it is our duty, as Library professionals, to work together for our communities within our communities with solidarity. By solidarity, I want to emphasize that we have to be present, always, no matter how different the conditions are. To paraphrase a famous song by Bob Dylan, I believe that Libraries, they are a-changin’. In fact, they’ve been “a-changin’” for centuries! Libraries and librarians have always been adapting to new environment. This profession is flexible enough to cope with the current depressing situation and reverse it by coming-up with new proposals, ideas and models.

We are building a great program for you that is going to be available soon at:

Kind regards,
Giorgos Glossiotis, President of the EEBEP