Idea:Connect with your local society

Connect with your local society

Most of us are faced with budget cuts, and that gives us a hard time. We need to find new ways to reach our goals. There is a lot of knowledge in the local society, can we tap into that and find patrons, of just citizens who do not have to be a member of the library, who are willing to share their knowledge with the community? The new role of the librarian should be to facilitate, to create opportunities to share knowledge through debates, lectures and other activitities by tapping into what is available in the local community. Get people to help each other, make them feel empowered by the library.

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  1. Eva Semertzaki says:

    The economic downturn has affected not only libraries but also all sectors of economic activities and professions worldwide. Nowadays, it is time to adjust to the present and face the future with fresh and mature thoughts instead of just mourning over the past.

    Libraries should re-consider services in order to become attractive and meet the current information and knowledge needs of people. Creativity and innovation are magic words to adopt. Libraries become the knowledge management centers of the community. There are excellent treasures hidden in library collections (print and non print). They could be revealed and exploited with the aim to make them beneficial for the library community. Thus, we pay back the taxpayers money.

    In order to remain integral parts of the community but not marginalized by the internet usage, it is necessary for libraries to change their philosophy and place people in the middle; to move from collections to people and provide user-centric services, despite the adverse circumstances. Of course money matters, but it is not enough per se. The enthusiasm and devotion of library staff, the openness to new ideas, the change in attitudes and the similar will finally transform libraries to community hubs.

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