Idea:Opportunity versus Crisis

Opportunity versus Crisis

Libraries have been affected by the economic crisis in Europe these last years. Budgets had been cut down in library institutions and many cuts in services have been done as well.

Due that staffs is the higher library expense everywhere, staff fired is a significant negative figure. But worries are also about collections increase has been clearly stood by not only for money cuts, also due to the paradox than in digital age when technologies are a facilitator for access to information, many publishers don’t issue licenses for loaning out e-books. That means then, that important works such as the new world electronic books that are pushing the supply and demand of an increasingly growing market are not offered in the collection that has to be found in libraries, which poses a serious problem because libraries can not purchase digital content that provide their collection development policies .

Citizen’s needs are focusing again, like it was in former times, in the use of libraries facilities to supply not only their information and knowledge demand, libraries comfortable reading rooms with heating or conditioner air are becoming like home to many people for hours and hours, in order to reduce their home expenses, using public services as ever they have use. A nice place to stay and learn skills for find a job, to study online and to spend their free an leisure time for free or as you know, for not value direct cost.

Library’s world is changing in a way that librarians have to be aware and adaptation of our institutions and associations into the crisis we are living have to be taken as an opportunity to improve offer and efficiency. In conclusion, change to get best result at better cost. Let’s talk about how to manage; learning to the bests practices there are in Europe and discussing what associations can help our professional being able to make a virtue of need.

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  1. Bonnet says:

    Culture Action Europe Manifesto mentions stated that “The reality In Europe is not appropriately described as a crisis. Rather it must be seen as a transition, from
    one world order into another one [...] Social, not economic, growth must be the priority for contemporary Europe. Enhancing people’s cultural competence, our capacity for cooperation and critical thinking, our openness to diversity, our curiosity: all of this is essential to develop a sustainable society where rights, responsibilities and shared well-being can grow. The Arts and Sciences powerfully contribute to such capacities, as does accessible education for all and the scrupulous fulfillment of all human rights.

    It is time for decision-makers and citizens alike to form a broader discourse on the future of Europe, underlining cultural development as a strategic necessity”. I guess this is in line with the suggestions made by Glòria Peréz-Salmerón.
    When budget cuts are the reality, we have to develop smarter solution at the same time that we have to convince policy-makers that investing in Culture and libraries is core to the future of Europe and Democracy.
    What do you do in your own country to fulfill these challenges? Any experiences to share?

  2. Money, money, money, … Further economic crisis (plural!) will always affect libraries. What are librarians doing? Moaning about not enough state/local support, whining publicly and finally waiting for better times, counting the victims by then. Déjà-vu?
    And what about librarians thinking of creating their own financial emergency funds? Yes, I mean fundraising organisations for libraries, created by librarians or community people, helped or not by politicians/door openers, looking for the support by donations of local, regional communities or even the nation. To promote new technologies, special collections, library room interior design, etc.
    Why? Because librarians normally are long-term calculating people, in matters of collection development for example. Cost-efficient resources are a long-term option! (It’s the economy, stupid!)
    I am sure that there already exist several models and approaches in different countries even in Europe (not only in the USA – coordinated by United for libraries: Let us exchange our fundraising skills in Europe so far! Please profit by the EBLIDA-Network to do this. It is for the benefit of further generations … and the survival of libraries during a lot of future crisis in Europe.

    • Klaus-Peter Boettger says:

      Librarians may be long-term calculating people but not all politicians are like them and only have a short-term financial view. And I am convinced that they have not yet got a right picture of a future society in which learning and education is so important for managing crisis, in which an infrastructure, real and virtual, of institutions is necessary and that menas also the necessity of libraries.

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