Idea:The role of Libraries’ Associations

The role of Libraries’ Associations

European Libraries are facing a lot of challenges in today’s society. Among those are the changing socio-economic environment and the technological changes. It is very difficult for each library to deal with those subjects by itself. Networks and collaborations are needed.

In my opinion, strong Libraries or Librarians Associations are a key element to help Libraries deal with their role in a multitasking situation. Supporting Associations or Federations of Libraries, we are supporting our everyday job to our communities. It is under discussion, what specific actions the Associations could take to increase the acknowledgement of Libraries in their communities, and provide them the necessary support (tools) in difficult technological or socio-economical matters.

3 comments on “The role of Libraries’ Associations
  1. George Glo says:

    It’s true that only via strong Association we can acheive our goals!

  2. infoscienceaddict says:

    I agree. We need the Associations to help us evolve as professionals and embrace our new roles, as they are brought to us by these changes on so many different levels.

  3. Bonnet says:

    A good combination among National, European and International Library Associations is key. Librarians have the chance to be organised people and created along the years library associations that work at each level, and network.
    In the current changing environment, we also need to open up to other partners in the field of Culture and Education, Research, etc… Building coalitions with others will help us in achieving our goals: giving EU citizens access to the riches of human knowledge and imagination whether in the library, offsite or online.

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